When pregnant with her first son her mother enrolled her on a Swedish massage diploma. The course was a comprehensive course and touched on other healing modalities. Indian Head massage and Reiki qualifications quickly followed. After the birth of her son the desire to only use as natural products as possible became an over powering emotion. When he developed a teething nappy rash which resulted in an unusual visit to the GP and a prescription for Betnovate a steroidal cream, Zoe discovered the magic of Homeopathy. Whilst waiting for the prescription to be fulfilled there was a display of homeopathic remedies with a booklet detailing the uses for different ailments. Nappy rash was listed and after reading the different remedies Rhus Tox was selected.  The prescription was fulfilled and Zoe left the chemist after giving her son one little pill. In all honesty she didn’t expect anything to happen, how could it really work, it was only a sugar pill after all! A further three doses were given over the next 24 hours, and to her utter amazement just over 24 hours later there wasn’t a mark left on his little bottom, the red bleeding rash had gone! This started her journey into the marvels of Homeopathy. Needless to say the betonvate never came out of its wrapping!

A four year degree in Homeopathy at the Centre for Homeopathic Education gave her a fantastic skill set and toolbox of different in depth Homeopathic prescribing methods, since then she has expanded her knowledge with various CPD courses including bowel nosode, miasmatic prescribing, extended tauopathy and isotherapy, various healing courses including shamanic courses, flower essences including Bach practitioner, Homeopathic mesotherapy and Biopuncture and recently has completed her bioresonance practitioner training for the E Lybra WDS bioresonace machine.

Being a busy mum to four children, including a set of twins, Zoe is well aware of the daily stress and strains that running a busy household and business entails and the importance of taking time out for yourself. We can all be guilty of putting our health at the “bottom of the pile”. By making an appointment to see Zoe you are on the path towards wellness and health.

Zoe is registered with the Alliance of Homeopaths and as such follows their code of conduct and ethics and is fully insured.  Homeopathy is a complementary therapy and is not an alternative to main medicine, as such we work with your General Practitioner as stated in the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths code of conduct and Ethics.