Bioresonance -Elybra

Using the latest quantum medicine technology the E-lybra looks for imbalances within our whole human body using a bio feedback principle. This incorporates not only our physical body but also our emotional, energetic, spiritual bodies. By rebalancing ourselves we improve our health and wellbeing. The Elybra scans the human body looking for imbalances and then applies energetic medicines to bring the body back to balance. Everyday we are met with challenges to our biome and this can knock us out of kilter. By using bioresonnace we are effectively helping the body to reset and utilise our energy in a more productive healthy way.

Every physical / mental / emotional imbalance has an energetic counterpart that must be balanced in order for the cause of the condition / disease to start its own healing process. The ability of the e-Lybra system to make changes in the biofield is immense and is still becoming deeper as we continue to develop our understanding of the consciousness of the body.

A typical balancing session protocol consists of running an “Initial Alignment” formula for 10 minutes in order to prepare the body (similar to “opening the zones” in Reflexology”), followed by a full-body scan. The body scan produces a profile automatically selected/tested from more than 200 categories. The profile is then used as a work list in the main analysis and balancing session, which is typically run for 45 minutes. During this process the e-Lybra produces bio-resonance patterns which are delivered to the client and also stored on the bio-resonance pendent which the client takes away and wears on their body. At the end of the analysis and balancing session an “after” body status is recorded showing changes that have occurred in the client’s bio-field which takes a further 5 minutes. Lastly, a grounding formula is run for 5 minutes to make sure the client is fully awake before completing the session. Variations to the protocol include adding extra formulae for specialised processes such as addiction therapy, weight balancing, to name but a few. 

Body Scan

At the start of the process an initial status can be obtained, whereby the e-Lybra measures the degree of balance within each of the system categories for the client. A threshold value can be defined by the practitioner, whereby each of the categories that report a higher degree of imbalance are displayed in red and are automatically chosen for inclusion within the Customised Selection for the forthcoming session.


Once the Customised Selection has been created automatically by the Status Scan process the practitioner can optionally choose to edit this list – either by deleting or adding additional categories as appropriate. Once this has been done the balancing process is started and the balancing process runs automatically for 15, 25, 45 or 120 minutes as specified. From the list of selected categories, the e-Lybra first uses a selection process to determine which specific category needs attention. Once this has been determined it then uses an algorithm to determine which specific pattern(s) within this category need to be applied in remedial form. This process then continues for the duration of the session. At the end of the run the practitioner can optinally choose to run an After Scan to see what the new measured level of imbalance is.

Feedback from clients is a feeling of deep relaxation and healing from an elybra session.

Please contact Zoe directly to discuss how Elybra can help your health and your own individual program .