Biofield Re-Energiser

Biofield Re-Energiser – New Product Launch

Biofield Re-energiser

The makers of my E-Lybra – WDS – have just launched their latest long awaited product The Biofield Re-Energiser. 


The Biofield Re-Energiser is a small handheld tubular device measuring approximately 100 mm (4”) in length. It contains a proprietary plasma technology and connects to the user by wristbands and leads. This technology is based on our 30 years of research into the subtle anatomy of the human biofield.


The Biofield Re-Energiser is designed to strengthen the Etheric body field which provides the necessary chi (vital lifeforce) energy for all biological systems in the body.


The Biofield Re-Energiser contains a unique blend of quartz crystal and more than 80 minerals, the quartz is energised using high voltage plasma to align the matrix and make it coherent. Once this has been achieved the device is programmed with the WDS technology which imprints beneficial frequencies that helps balance the biofield.


Once connected via the wristbands and leads, it starts to work immediately and builds up over an optimum period of 15-20 minutes. This may be repeated throughout the day as and when required. There is no maximum time for connection.


This device will benefit everyone. Someone who is healthy or someone who is sick. Someone who wants to improve the energies available to them in their daily living, someone with a busy lifestyle, someone who is studying, someone planning an event. Someone who is feeling low or under the weather. It is an essential accessory for recovery from  travelling.


  • A sense of peace and calmness within.
  • More mental clarity and focus.
  • A feeling of inner strength.
  • Balanced energies available for tackling your day ahead.
  • A stronger etheric body.
  • A feeling that anything is possible …


The Etheric body is the closest subtle body to the physical body and the boundary can be found normally between 50 mm to 125 mm (2”- 5”) from the physical body in all directions for most people. In sensing the Etheric body field, it becomes obvious that a person with a low strength  Etheric body field is usually sick and a person with a stronger field is healthier. Although the normal Etheric body field is 50 to 125 mm  (2”- 5”) from the physical body, this is actually considered the sick state for most western people.

The Biofield Re-Energiser will increase the field strength to approx. 3  metres in diameter (9-10 feet), and it only takes about 15-20 minutes to do so. This field will stay activated for many hours. Strengthening this field helps fend off illness, external interference and other-people’s smog. Using the device can create a sense of wellbeing,  centredness, calmness, inner strength, peace and confidence. Not only does an increased Etheric field help the physical body and all the organs but also the subtle bodies, the meridians and the complete energy system.

We as humans usually live with our energy field in a collapsed state (sick), with the Biofield Re-Energiser this vital lifeforce, can be restored and used for our own healing.

This Etheric field will collapse if the recipient has a negative or unbalanced thought, anxiety, worry, or is depressed or has an emotional dip, it is as though these thoughts or emotions short circuit the voltage of the Etheric field.

Education and self-awareness

When using this device, it is possible to learn to sense the Etheric body field and to observe the field collapse when we are out of balance. With practice we can clearly see what causes the field to collapse and learn not to do it.

Once the biofield has started to increase (10-20 minutes) you could use this chi energy and focus it via your hands to physical aches and pains or injuries to help the healing process.


Many healers, energy medicine specialists, people who practice meditation and mindfulness, Tai chi or any form of martial art can recognise this Etheric field strength or sense it in some way. We can directly replace the word ‘strength’ and use the word ‘voltage’ instead for what we are sensing.

Through mindfulness, meditation or certain types of physical exercise this Etheric body field can be increased from 125 mm to approx. 1400 mm (5”- 4’6”) in all directions. This is a sizeable field and has a higher  electrical voltage. The body uses the voltage to repair and reproduce  its cells. This voltage gives the necessary energy to kick start many physical healing processes.


Connect the two blue wristbands to the cables via the press studs. Connect each cable to the Biofield Re-Energiser. The wristband in the RED socket is for the right-hand wrist and the wristband in the BLACK socket should be connected to the left wrist. Make sure the blue  wristbands are comfortable, as they do not need to be tight.

You may use the device for as long as you want to at any time. Do not use when driving or operating machinery, or if you experience dizziness. To take care of your product, clean with a damp cloth. Do not immerse the device in water.

The package includes the Biofield Re-Energiser Device, 2 x blue wristbands and 2 x black connecting leads in a carry case. (No batteries or mains connection required)


The price is £245 – Including VAT and postage and Packing to UK

Please note that international post and packaging will cost more.

To Order please contact me directly.